17 Jul


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Hey everybody, just wanted to mention that I’ll be moving some of the more popular write ups and articles from the old Forceaudio forum over here in the future. I hope you’ll subscribe here and keep an eye on our latest projects!

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14 Jun


1995 BMW M3 Sub Enclosure


Dayton 12" HO

I’ve been talking with my cousin for awhile now about getting a proper bass system done in his pride and joy, a 1995 Avus Blue M3. Budget was a concern so we wanted to deliver the biggest boom for the buck.
We picked the ultimate in boom for the buck performance, the Dayton 12″ HO from Parts Express.¬†For all four of you that aren’t already familiar with this beast, the Dayton brings 12.3 mm of Xmax, a beefy rubber surround and 700 watts RMS power handling to the table. My cousin is all about hiphop and dubstep so we needed to put something together that really nails the low stuff. We figured a pair of these Daytons would do nicely.

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